Are Wet Wipes Safe To Flush?

March 5, 2020

Is it okay to flush wet wipes? Because of our vast knowledge of sewer and drain improvement services, we have become smart here at Plumber Hawthorne in knowing what are the preeminent source of sewer and drain clogs. The straightforward truth from our viewpoint is that solely 3 things ought to be flushed down the toilet: piss, solid excretion and tissue paper. If you follow our recommendation, your probabilities of experiencing a sewer or drain clog are going to be hugely decreased.

The issue with wet wipes isn’t that they won’t flush through the rest room drain. Unless you’re employing a few wipes, they’ll in all probability flush simply fine. The bother begins downstream within the sewer. If your sewers that are older and constructed with iron pipes, concrete, or lead pipes you unfortunately are more than likely going to have some difficulties expelling paper towels, tampons, wet wipes, facial scrub pads, and cotton balls.

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Why? Older sewer pipes are terribly vulnerable to tree root intrusion at the pipe joints. Once roots get within your sewer, they detached sort of a spider internet and that they can begin to catch no matter goes through your sewer. Watch this video to envision the sorts of issues sewers expertise. Once wet, some tissue paper dissolves in minutes. The thickest brands can disintegrate in twenty four hours if submerged in water. Paper towels take plenty longer to dissolve whereas fibrous wet wipes, tampons and hygienically napkins in all probability won’t dissolve for days, weeks, months or longer. The top result you’ll pay many bucks having Plumber Hawthorne take away the clog to forestall waste product from backing-up into your home.

But the massive reason wet wipes are within the news in the week is thanks to the difficulty they cause even farther downstream at the waste product treatment plant. The fibers will jam pumps and cause them to overheat or dissipate. As you would possibly have guessed, those industrial-grade pumps are costly which suggests that taxpayers are discovering the tab when one goes down.

Are there flushable wet wipes? In all probability.  You may be thinking that you have heard and seen some brands that are safe to use, they are pulp-based and do not consist of stringy fibers that many others have. Nevertheless most consumers don’t take the time to read labels therefore they’re treating all wet wipes as the same and we’re all paying for his or her mistakes.